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I am essentially a stay at home mom trying to pursue her passion of creating. I can do photography, graphic design, invitations, brochures, and a million and one other things. I love my kids and am passionate about teaching them everyday to love life and live artfully. I'm on a slow road of growing my business while mothering my three babies; ages 3 and under. It's a long road, but so far it's been the most incredible journey God has ever given me. I thank Him daily for these incredible blessings in my life. Check out my work and if you're interested, please email or call me for more information!

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my loves: bailey. parker. grayson. chris. family. friends. photography. scrapbooking. lacrosse. creating. garage sales. bread co. mountain dew. the indigo girls. usborne books. Imos. reading. blogland. running. ha!